Cool tones and fun patterns have always been my go-to summer fashion trends. Wearing blue tones during the summer is like holding a cool bottle of water under the scorching summer sun. Embracing beachy, tropical vibes through fashion is one of the many ways I remind myself to keep my “cool” amongst the people that might be feeling a little hotheaded due to the rapid rise in mercury levels.

Elie Saab’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection definitely played a huge role in inspiring my summer outfit choices. Although Elie Saab usually embraces solid colored, delicate structured textures and materials, his recent collection displayed a more playful mixture of arrangements, textures and colors. I always enjoy wearing and seeing other people wear loud patterns and vivid color spectrums, especially in the summer—I feel like it brings out people’s most relaxed spirits and playful characteristics.

The blue, flowy, watercolor-inspired floral skirt that he showcased in his collection inspired me to create a similar look for the summertime. By pairing a cool toned, intricate patterned, flirty and flowy skort with a ribbed tank top, I was able to transform his spring look into a perfectly simple yet flamboyant summer look. I also made sure to give my casual and put together outfit a little bit of edge by styling sandals that have cactus-like spikes. I decided to keep the accessories to a bare minimum in order to keep all the attention to my skorts.

Get My Look: 1. Skort. 2. Tank Top. 3. Sandals.