STYLE GURU STYLE: Tropical Daydream

With summer in session, I find myself daydreaming about being in sunny 75 degree weather with trade winds blowing on my face instead of hot and humid temperatures with daily thunderstorms. I also find that it’s helpful to daydream about escapes.

The alice + olivia resort wear 2016 collection emphasizes the “Bohemian intellectual, trekking around the globe picking up sweet pieces along the way.” I believe that my Fashionista look translates well with that aesthetic.

Nothing says bohemian quite like a flowy statement piece and to master this look you need to think about proportions. If your bottom is wide, your top must be fitted and vice versa. Adding looser items on top of a more fitted piece also work, like my billowy scarf over my fitted tank top.

To add a little more pizzaz I paired my outfit with a tan floppy hat. In the summer, it is especially important to cover your face from the harsh sun. Even though it feels nice, it can leave damaging results years later and no Fashionista would be caught dead with wrinkles in her twenties!

My look is a more basic and simple take on the alice + olivia’s resort wear collection. I paired a plain green skirt with a plain pink tank top and added a few standout accessories to make my look complete. I believe that it is important to feel comfortable as well as stylish and just because your pieces are basic doesn’t mean you will have a basic outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A flowy floor length skirt. 2. A plain colored tank top. 3. A statement accessory piece.

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