STYLE GURU STYLE: Tricking Winter  

As a Florida native, I am not particularly attuned to the cold weather days we have. I would much rather wear a pair of jean shorts, a tank top and my Converse sneakers and call it a day. But when it gets into the 40 degree I start having to think of more strategic ways to not have to wear pants every single day; my Floridian wardrobe just won’t allow it.

I turned to the most recent fall 2015 ready-to-wear collections starting to roll out from designers for some much needed inspiration and I landed on the newest See by Chloé collection and fell in love. Many of the outfits in the collection, including looks number five and number 10, inspired me to bring my black skater skirt out of my closet and pair it with my other winter essentials. In the different looks by See by Chloé, high-waisted skater skirts are paired with different sweaters and cardigans and other winter items such as ankle booties and beanies.

With the looks in the See by Chloé collections in the back of my mind, I crafted an outfit that I absolutely love. I started with my black corduroy skater skirt and paired it with black tights, gray socks and black suede ankle booties to make it more winter appropriate. I then wore a graphic T-shirt that reads, “Last Night a Blogger Saved My Life” (AKA my life in a shirt), a camel peacoat and, to finish off the outfit, an ombré gray scarf, rhinestone statement necklace and a black pom pom beanie.

I love how this outfit mixed colors within the neutral palette similar to the looks in the See by Chloé collection. It shows how you can wear neutrals without having a boring look. Bright colors are nice but not always necessary; layering neutrals can be just as eye-catching and is the perfect way to style a skirt in the winter.

Get My Look: 1. A classic, easy to wear skater skirt. 2. Ankle booties that are perfect for pairing with tights and socks. 3. A graphic T-shirt that shows off your interests.