Ralph Lauren’s latest line is packed with a variety of taupes, khakis, chestnuts and earthy tones that leave nothing to be desired. The whole show has a very western feel to it, accompanied by a side of sheer elegance. Something about the realness and simplicity of Ralph Lauren always gets to me. The pants are perfection and the jackets are as timeless as they come. The looks require minimal hair and makeup and leaves you looking fresh and ready for the day. It inspired me to drag out my old trench.

I have a thing for trench coats. They can go with absolutely any look. Trench coats look amazing, are comfortable and are fitting for any occasion. So feel my shame when I say I hadn’t worn this one in over a year.

As much as I wanted to go with a full chestnut-inspired look, I loved the contrast in the coat color. So I went with a dark signature look. This dress is as comfortable as you can get. It’s flowy and earthy vibe always leaves me feeling ready for an Urban Outfitters advertising campaign or a trip to Coachella. The nylons were a last minute addition because it was about 30 degrees out. I talk all tough, but I am a baby when it comes to the weather. I love a wow-factor in outfits. A simple boho dress with a khaki trench is pretty common ground for fashion. When you throw in a pair of over the knee boots, it becomes about style. That’s something I always try to achieve in my looks.

Overall—I love the way this look came out. I got the classic, ready for anything feel I was looking for from the trench coat, but I still felt a little bit different from the crowd.

Get My Look: 1. A classic trench coat. 2. A loose fit boho dress. 3. Over the knee boots.