STYLE GURU STYLE: Translating Transparencies

Balmain’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was anything but boring. This collection blended sex appeal, edginess and professionalism together seamlessly, giving modern women exactly what they want. This collection featured transparent overlays, wide pant legs and bold cutouts throughout it. Balmain stuck to a monochromatic color scheme, heavily focusing on the classics—stark, crisp white and powerful black. Although the majority of the collection was black or white, fiery reds and royal blues also made appearances. These surprising pops of color kept you wanting more with each passing look.

The transparent high-waisted pants and black seen in the collection inspired my look. I love how put together and sophisticated an all-black ensemble looks. Although Balmain features more of the wide-legged pant, I prefer the tapered leg on my body type. These sheer black joggers with black shorts under are perfect for the summer. The light chiffon fabric is breathable and light for hot days. The elastic top of the pants cinches you in all the right places. For my top, I chose to pay a tribute to the cutouts we see in the show but in a more wearable way. Sticking to shoulder cutouts as opposed to a full on crop top makes this look versatile and easy to wear to work or for a night out. I kept my accessories simple, with my new favorite long layered necklace and dainty silver bangles. My shoes pick up on the modern vibe with the pointed toe, ankle straps, and cutout heels, giving my look a cohesive feel from shoulders to toes!

Get My Look: 1. The perfect cold shoulder T-shirt. 2. Comfortable black joggers. 3. Classic pointed black flats.