STYLE GURU STYLE: Transforming The Trouser

January 29th, 2016 at 2:10am

A new year is a wonderful opportunity for transformation, whether that is a beauty, style or mindset transformation. This year I’ve decided to transform my life one day at a time, to spend more time in the moment, to always maintain the utmost self respect, to be unequivocally myself and to take more fashion risks. This season, I was particularly inspired by Balenciaga’s spring 2016 collection. The intricate cuts and details were emphasized by the all-white color scheme, and the atypical silhouettes provided me with a lens in which to view my own wardrobe and challenged me to dispel the traditional ideas of what is flattering. Thus, I cut my hair and dyed it auburn, and I began my style mission with a singular pair of tailored wide leg trousers.

I sounded particularly old the other day when I told my group of friends that, “young people don’t appreciate the trouser, they’re only into the skinny pants.” But there is some truth to this statement! It wasn’t until recently that I’ve embraced the trouser silhouette, and I feel infinity more polished and sophisticated than I do when donning my ripped skinny jeans. A trouser has infinite possibilities, and in the complex landscape of New York City, it transitions beautifully from class to work to dinner to any other spontaneous adventure. I paired the wide leg trousers with a cropped black top, and together they look almost like a jumpsuit.

Every outfit needs a touch of fun. Even when I wear monochromatic looks or sophisticated separates, I always have one element that is out of the ordinary. I selected this cropped suede motorcycle jacket in a royal blue instead of a classic black to add a pop of color, and I shamelessly bought a Kanye pin that I adhered to its lapel.

There are some quintessentially “me” beauty and fashion rules I will not transform in the new year, and one of them is my unending obsession with lipstick. I must have over 18 tubes of lipstick from red, burgundy, purple, orange and bubblegum pink. I love how a lipstick can brighten an outfit and change how others perceive you. This lipstick is a dark brick red, and, like trousers, it transitions beautifully from day to night.

So Fashionistas, I challenge you this year to try new silhouettes, to take new fashion risks and to wear whatever makes you happy, regardless of what other people think. This is your year. Make it beautiful.

Get My Look: 1. Trousers. 2. Suede jacket. 3. Pin. 4. Lipstick. 5. Platform boots.