STYLE GURU STYLE: Traditional Meets Edgy

It’s summertime, Fashionistas! This means it is time to bring out all of your summer outfits and apparel to fit the warm weather. With that being said, florals—one of the biggest trends known to man—will be in full affect. We will be able to spot the floral print almost everywhere in dresses, blouses, skirts and even shoes! Although the print is widely accepted, I was never a big fan of floral. However, with many explorations within the fashion industry, I have grown to appreciate the many looks one can do with floral.

I was very intrigued with how Christian Dior displayed florals in the Christian Dior resort 2017 collection. Many of the runway outfits incorporated boots and sneakers with a floral dress or jumpsuit. The outfits would also include some type of solid color accessory such as a blazer, necklace or belt. The collection transformed florals from their traditional soft and girly look into a more modern and edgier style.

When it comes to my own style, I love to experiment with trends and make them fit my personality. After analyzing the Dior resort 2017 collection, it was very easy to come up with my own personal spin of a floral theme. For my outfit, I chose to go with a simple floral dress paired with a modern theme of thick socks and sneakers. Pairing the dress with sneakers and a choker allowed me to create a floral look involving a little bit of edge.

Get My Look: 1. Floral dress. 2. Sneakers. 3. Choker necklace.