STYLE GURU STYLE: Too School But Still Cool

I’m totally buggin’. I just watched Clueless for, like, the nine billionth time and am currently fan-girling over Paul Rudd’s “Baldwin” status.

Being just a few weeks past the 20th anniversary of the Mean Girls pre-Mean Girls movie, I finally came to the realization that I am justifiably furious at every tech genius that has been lucky enough to vicariously experience the sheer cool factor of Cher Horowitz’s closet. Let’s be real, in the past two decades the majority of Clueless related problems would now be solved. You know if US Weekly did a What’s In My Bag for the one and only Ms. Horowitz, Tide To Go would have undoubtedly been tucked away in the jumble for that stained satin shoe circa the Valley party. So why has nobody taken the initiative to invent a revolving closet and computer program that can magically hook me up with the perfect outfit in a series of seconds?

Now, although the fashion community is immeasurably suffering from the absence of widely accessible, Clueless-inspired closets, some progress is being made in the name of the ‘90s “Monet.” Madewell’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection was seriously schoolgirl chic…I even did a double take to assure that Alicia Siverstone wasn’t strutting down the runway in her iconic yellow-plaid uniform. Mickey Drexler, the brand’s visionary and founder, encompassed the epitome of the boarding school “Betty” with his tailored yet slouchy designs for the back-to-school season. The collection’s use of mixed plaid prints in ways other than the typical flannel sparked my hidden desire to star in a ‘90s rom com of my own and inspired me to create my own uniform-esque look.

To capture the quintessential essence of Madewell’s collection, I knew the first piece I selected had to be plaid. My flared black and white collegiate skirt did just the trick. Since Madewell’s selection was intended to simply remind Fashionistas of their days back in prep school without actually suggesting they return to the halls, I knew I had to balance out the student style skirt with something more mature. Just like the looks for Madewell, I tried to stay connected to the signature unstructured nature of the collection by modeling a white, flouncy blouse. With Steve Madden sneakers, similar to the likes of those featured in the collection, I was easily able to dress down the look for practicality. (Side note: the two inch boost makes me a whooping 5-foot-4.) My leather bag, insane cuff and royal blue polish were my Style Guru contributions that tied the look together while simultaneously making the combination look edgier rather than sweeter.

Get My Look: 1. Plaid skirt. 2. White blouse. 3. Sneakers.