After watching the new Stars Wars for the second time this week (alright, maybe it was the third time), I decided to start getting organized for my trip abroad. Packing to live in another country for five months is a process and when things don’t fit where you think they should or the suitcase just won’t close, it gets absolutely frustrating. Attempting to pack all of my clothes lead me to have a Kylo Ren-like breakdown, with the realization that I really can’t bring everything I would like. So, then, I proceeded to take a break and channel him and his all black toting ways into this outfit, hence “to the dark side.”

In this look, I’m wearing a quilted jacket with a high-necked sleeveless top and a pair of high waisted Levi Brand jeans. The accessories are my favorite part about this look. A pair of mirrored aviators, leather cross-body clutch and a pair of H&M heeled Chelsea boots tie this outfit together perfectly. Even though it is all black, the quilted jacket and tasseled clutch help bring in texture and detail. This was inspired by looks in the Balmain 2016 pre-fall collection that mix texture and gold metallic finishes to make the matte black outfits look polished, especially in looks 25 and 33. I finish it off with a dusty rose-colored lipstick. It’s a great outfit that can be transformed from a day to night look just by changing my makeup.

Now I have to get back to the reality of packing and hopefully will avoid anymore Sith Lord like frustration. My best advice is to always pack light, but I have never been good at following it. Also for friends, family and other Fashionistas/os that noticed: yes I did cut and dye my hair! I figured I needed a change before I ship off to London. I’m very excited that my next post will be from across the pond, so stayed tuned!

Get My Look: 1. Quilted jacket. 2. High-waisted jeans. 3. Mirrored aviators. 4. Chelsea boots.