Season’s greetings! My favorite season has arrived.

As we all wind down from finals week to get ready for winter break, we can’t forget to take along with us necessities for the holiday season. Grab those ugly Christmas sweaters, Santa hats and those white elephant and secret Santa gifts you have laying around because it is that time of the year again!

With the holiday season approaching, many celebrations are happening. Here, I am going to talk about my style during these occasions. In the pictures, I have on a red velvet dress. What I like about this is that it is a very bold color, but it matches with the theme of this season. So if you didn’t think you can pull off red before, you totally can now.

I have noticed that I tend to lean towards long sleeve dresses when I choose my holiday outfits. I am still digging the lace sleeves up to this day. But of course we can’t forget to layer up because it can be chilly or really cold depending on where you live. I matched the dress with a very soft wool vest to keep me warm enough for the weather here in Southern California. Who says we can’t stay warm while wearing a dress?

Last but not the least, thigh-high boots are totally trendy right now. Depending on your holiday plans and what you are doing, you can either go with heeled shoes or flat shoes. For me, I usually prefer heeled shoes, but if you are going to do a lot of walking, flat shoes are the way to go. These thigh-high flat boots give me warmth, but also comfort because our holiday occasions involve walking around the neighborhood to view Christmas decorations. Don’t forget to wear your favorite fuzzy socks underneath. They can provide the extra warmth.