STYLE GURU STYLE: Tis' The Season Of Bucket Hats

Now that the summer is heating up, nothing helps protect your face from the sun more than a bucket hat. This year is the year that I have seen bucket hats make a breakthrough in fashion. I see them everywhere and in all types of patterns. The amazing thing about bucket hats is that they are not just for the summer, but they are a year-round accessory that can spice up any ensemble you put it with.

From the runway in New Amsterdam Marc McNairy took my breathe away with his Spring 2014 ready-to-wear. What captured my attention most of his fashion show was the use of bucket hats with the clothing. One particular look caught my attention out of all of them. This outfit consisted of a blue and green striped tank top paired off with camouflage print pants with ducks on them. To bring everything together he put a striped bucket hat with daises on it with the pants and tank top.

I was inspired by this look and decided to bring it to life for myself. I started by wearing a black and white tank top paired off with acid-washed boyfriend jeans. Once that was done all I had to do was find the perfect bucket hat. Not just any bucket hat would do though. To really make this look your own it is essential to find a unique hat that will make everyone stop and look at you. When you actually do find the right one you can build your outfit around it. Me, personally kept it simple with black and white because you can never go wrong with that combination.

Get My Look: 1. Tank top. 2. Boyfriend jeans. 3. Unique bucket hat.