STYLE GURU STYLE: Timelessly Black

I’m going to be honest; most of my wardrobe is black, and if it’s not black, it’s white or gray. I love the monochrome trend, or perhaps I was already sporting the trend before it became a trend. Fashion designer Barbara Bui creates beautiful pieces that definitely go with the monochrome scheme. Even when the pieces aren’t black or white, they are usually still a solid color, which is something I can appreciate. More often than not I find runway pieces are too elaborately printed and difficult to translate into everyday wear, but I don’t have that problem with Barbara Bui’s pieces. I fell in love with her resort 2015 show, and it’s one of my all-time favorite shows. It’s not only because I’m partially biased to the fact that she’s Vietnamese, but the versatility of her pieces also makes my outfits feel effortless yet oh so fashionable.

Bui incorporates sporty and basic pieces to create her looks, which are easily worn as everyday pieces. Here I almost take her exact look, just using cheaper pieces. I feel as if the blazer is the most important piece of the outfit because it brings the ensemble together and adds a bit of class to an otherwise normal outfit. Pairing it with shorts poses the perfect juxtaposition for a business casual outfit that still lets me breathe during these hot summer days. I chose to wear heels with the outfit to fit the occasion but I would have definitely gone for a pair of sneakers to create a sportier vibe. The versatility of the outfit is the exact reason I get so much inspiration from Barbara Bui. I can recreate a whole outfit with just simple changes. To finish off, I wore my favorite sunnies this summer, a pair of reflective purple sunnies from ALDO.

Get My Look: 1. Classic black blazer. 2. Basic black blouse. 3. Tailored shorts. 4. Ankle strap stilettos.