STYLE GURU STYLE: Time To Get In Shape

July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

I find inspiration in many runway shows and in the latest trends I see happening around my city. Going to the gym is not fun for many people, but I make it fun by putting on an outfit that I feel comfortable and confident in. For example, I recently found inspiration from Victoria Bartlett’s VPL pre-fall 2015. The trend from Victoria Bartlett’s line runway show that I like the most is look number two. The style looks movable and fun to wear. It is a long tank top with a pair of capris. The model is also wearing a sports bra with a pair of flat gym shoes. She accessorizes her workouts look with a matching headband. When looking at this outfit I decided to take certain parts of it to make my look.

In the summer everyone wants to keep up his or her summer body. That they have been working hard on since right before spring break. The best way for one to do that his to make working out fun.

For me it starts all with the outfit I am going to wear. I am like many people. If I am wearing something I feel confident in then I more likely to be motivated to do what ever I have to do.

I decide to wear comfortable active capri pants. They are relaxing and stretchy so I can get all my exercises tackled with no problem. The top I picked is a baggy tank top it keeps me cool when I do my cardio portion of my workout. Under my tank top I wear a sports bra that supports my body. Then last, but not least I wear my favorite tennis shoes that are customized to my liking.

Get My Look: 1. Any tank top. 2. A supportive sports bra. 3. A pair of athletic pants.