STYLE GURU STYLE: Tie the Knot with Florals

It’s time to commit (to florals, that is)! I have always categorized patterned dresses and shirts with an abundance of flowers into the grandma section but not anymore. After seeing the floral prints from Tory Burch’s resort 2017 collection, I have a newfound respect for wearing flowers. The pattern not only makes any skin tone pop, but it also supplies any outfit its own instant and effortless accessories.

Flower patterns aren’t just for Easter, though. Contrary to popular belief, floral print can be added to even urban and grunge styles. And the best thing about wearing a dress, shirt or shoes that include brightly colored flowers is the minimal need for accessories. When an outfit already stands out with a bold floral pattern, you don’t have to stress as much about matching the perfect necklaces, hat or scarf. The flowers speak for themselves! You can make any outfit stand out with this super versatile pattern. Not only does it complement neutral colors, but it also makes bright colors pop even more.

I paired my floral maxi dress with a knotted V-neck T-shirt and subtle silver jewelry to highlight the pattern more. The best way to dress down a floral maxi dress while still looking totally glam is by matching a lightweight cardigan with it. My outfit stayed casual with the addition of neutral sandals, muted necklaces and a solid shirt, but it boldly stood out with a cinched waist and a bright pastel color scheme. As far as patterns, leopard print, neon color-blocking and sparkles may seem more fun and risky compared to flowers, but floral clothing is making a vintage comeback in a very modern fashion industry.

Get My Look: 1. Floral maxi dress. 2. Complementary cotton T-shirt. 3. Neutral sandals.