STYLE GURU STYLE: Thrifty Threads

STYLE GURU STYLE: Thrifty Threads

As a college kid, there’s not much money in the bank to spend on a fifty-dollar tank top. After tuition, books and food, a trip to the mall isn’t in my schedule! Luckily, there is no need to break the bank to look awesome on campus. Thrift shops and secondhand stores are the key to our broke hearts. Vintage and thrift is IN and there’s no better time to hop on this frugal bandwagon to save your bucks.

The beauty about “thrifting” is that the goodies you find in each store are usually one-of-a-kind! That funky ’80s print shirt you found? It’s probably one of the last of it’s kind! You will be able to rock an original style that no one else will have, but everyone else will desire. I took inspiration from  Moschino Resort 2016. Jeremy Scott’s play on graphic fabrics and bright colors inspired my look this month.  I donned a gently-worn, pink ’70s Apollo Spaceship shirt. Old concert and TV show T-shirts are a great way to humble a modern day look. Pair a band T-shirt with some boyfriend jeans and Converse and you will look as funky as ever!

This month, I wanted to center my main articles of clothing around affordability. I want to show that a cute outfit can be easily put together without the pain of losing a lot of money! It is indeed possible to find a white boho skirt in a thrift shop! I have seen beautiful bohemian skirts sell for hundreds of dollars but trust me, look no further than your local consignment store. Add Birkenstocks to a long skirt to enhance the hippy look we all know and love.

While you may be frugal with your clothing, do not be afraid to richly accessorize! I paired a Henri Bendel bag to my look to keep it funky, yet sophisticated. This bag doubles as a purse or as a backpack, so it is great for easy traveling. I also added some handmade friendship bracelets, a choker and thrifted rings.

While it is fun to shop cheap and chic, it is also important to always give back! If you have old and gently-worn clothes you no longer wear, donate them to your local consignment shops and shelters for those in need. This month, I decided to stack my Feed bracelets as a subtle piece to my look. Each of these bracelets provides five school meals for children in need around the world. While I am still purchasing a fashionable item, I am able to give back to those in need.

So I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and dig into a thrift store to land some cheap finds that will add character to your closet! And trust me, your wallet will thank you. You never need a lot money to look good. All it takes is character and confidence!

Get My Look:1. Any graphic T-shirt. 2. A long maxi skirt 3. Comfortable sandals.