STYLE GURU STYLE: Thoreau Away Your Sleeves; It's Summer!

As the celebrated and oft-quoted early American philosopher, Thoreau, once said, “Simplify, simplify.” And while sartorial decisions perhaps weren’t quite the message that he was going for, the sentiment still manages to resonate surprisingly well with the fashion crowd.

Here in Florida, for instance, we Fashionistas stick to the proven saying that “less is [most definitely] more.” After all, call it a hunch or call it pure, raw experience, but those of us nearest the equator have certainly learned a thing or two regarding the shift in attire from winter to spring. Through trial and error, we discover the following fashion dont’s for the summer: that layering won’t work, tights are definitely out and the only outerwear required is a cute cover-up at the beach. So what’s a Southern girl to do? The answer, I found, lies in Apiece Apart’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

Featured in Vogue, this particular collection promises its clientele a work-friendly wardrobe, complete with seamless adaptability to a sunny climate. What I most loved about their spring 2016 show was just how breathable and effortless the fabric looked; unlike their runway brethren, every one of Apiece Apart’s pieces represented a style easy to copy and 100 percent doable in Florida’s heat.

So, with my fashion inspiration thus acquired, I quickly set forth to recreate one of Apiece Apart’s polished and effortless ensembles. Starting with the basics, I established the foundation for an understated yet elegant getup by tucking in a pale pink tank top under cute H&M black and navy printed pants. Then, I swapped conventional ballet flats for off-white wedges in order to spruce up my footwear game and paired the look with a bright pink handbag sure to make the outfit pop. The integral tricks up my sleeve? A repurposed scarf (tied around the bag rather than my neck) and messy, French girl hair. All I had left to do before snapping the pictures was to tie the whole look down with an eclectic range of DIY bracelets as well as dangly earrings given to me from last year’s Secret Santa. Minimal makeup was worn, clinching in the classy and au natural feel of the look.

Get My Look: 1. A sexy, tight-fitting top. 2. A pair of perfectly tailored pants. 3. A creatively tied scarf.