STYLE GURU STYLE: This Is Real, This Is Me

January 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

This outfit embodies every aspect of my everyday style. Comfort is my first priority when I pick out an outfit. This outfit is inspired by the London Fashion Week 2015, where many models were shown sporting bold ponchos. After purchasing my first poncho, I now understand why ponchos were trending during the London fashion show! Comfortable, warm and stylish are the three essentials for winter fashion.

This poncho from Costco keeps me so warm without feeling restricted in movement like thicker jackets make me feel. The double-sided pattern allows me to mix and match together multiple outfits or just spice up a plain and simple black outfit. Plaid has been my favorite pattern this year and my liking will definitely carry on in the upcoming years. Statement bags are my favorite way to dress up an outfit. I adore the way this Anne Klein is made with two distinctly different fabrics and that it’s big enough to fit all my class necessities. Now I can feel stylish, yet prepared every day at school! I like to describe my style as edgy, so when wearing feminine pieces such as my fitted skirt, I feel the need to couple my outfit with my lace-up boots from Reflection. They have a rugged and combat boot look to them that instantly makes an outfit edgier. In addition, wearing high cut boots allows my thigh high socks to shine through. Thigh high socks not only provide me with warmth but also an excuse to not wear jeans during colder weather. (What girl really likes wearing tight jeans?) Hats, whether it be wide-brimmed or beanies, are my everyday go-to accessory. As a college student, who really has the time to spend fixing their hair? By throwing on a stylish hat, no one can tell you just ran to class without any time to comb your hair! (I can’t be the only one that does that, right?) Plus, hats just complete every outfit!

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