Never underestimate the power of texture. Texture is a dimension of a piece of clothing, just like the color, style or fit. It adds character, conveys quality and determines how comfortable the wearer may (or may not) be. It’s what makes your favorite sweater feel like home and your new leather bag turn heads.

Tibi’s pre-fall 2015 collection was a textural goldmine. Textures were mixed and matched in various looks, and outfits were monochrome from head to toe, creating a collection that was simple, yet refined.

Inspired by Tibi’s rich textures, I created a look revolving around a plush sweater. The piece, designed by label byCORPUS and sold at Urban Outfitters, is called “Cozy Popcorn Sweater.” As the name suggests, it’s one of the comfiest sweaters I’ve ever worn. It has clusters of stitches which look like pieces of popcorn (hence the name), creating a unique, oh so soft texture. Thanks to a combination of the fun texture and the beautiful merlot color, this sweater is the perfect statement piece.

For my look, I paired the sweater with a simple cotton circle skirt. I liked how the skirt peeked out from under the sweater and created an unexpected shape with its flare. While I loved the lace-up flats in Tibi’s pre-fall collection, I opted for leopard print loafers instead. The mustard, tan color of the leopard print complemented the deep merlot color of the sweater perfectly. And, it doesn’t hurt that leopard is trending for fall. Finally, to polish my look, I wore my Warby Parker “Percey” frames in striped sassafras and a black sun hat.

Get My Look: 1. Sweater in a fun texture. 2. Circle skirt. 3. Leopard print loafers.