February 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s hard not to run into pink and red everywhere you go. However, that is not the reasoning behind my choice of sporting pink. Similar to Altuzarra’s fall 2014 show, a pop of pink is good for the soul. It’s a nice surprise and puts a smile on anyone’s face. It lightens up a serious toned look and takes it to the next level. No longer does pink resemble ponies and sparkles, but instead an innovative trend with a twist.

Pink may not be the color for you, and I understand where you’re coming from. My room, my laptop, my phone—they’re all blue. So I can relate that it’s a challenge to embrace pink. However when I do embrace it, it’s always as a pop of color. If you could take a look at my closet, I’m the queen of neutrals and cooler tones, such as blue. Even if you’re afraid of color, turn that fear into something useful. It can highlight and accentuate instead of being overpowering.

The use of pink can have many purposes. It could be a last-minute outfit addition to add that extra oomph (like my vest). Or you can plan your whole look around it, such as a pink coat or dress. It depends on what you’re shooting for and what the occasion is, but either way keep in mind that it should all flow together. Too much contrast and you could make a dizzying sight. However if you have just the right balance, you’ll be thinking pink effortlessly.

Get My Look: 1. Pink down vest. 2. Cozy plaid flannel. 3. Neutral infinity scarf.