Whenever I’m shopping I always gravitate towards things that are pink. A blouse can come in four different colors, but if one of those colors is pink guess which one I’m choosing? Yes you guess it…. pink! It has always been one of my favorite colors and it always will be.

While browsing on, I came across Ralph Rucci’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection. You might be thinking, “2013…that’s so beyond last season,” but this collection is anything but that! The pieces from this collection are so vibrant and feminine I don’t think they would ever go out of style. The collection as a whole inspired me to put together a look that would incorporate two colors that really stood out to me, which were white and pink.

To try and keep the vibrant feministic look Rucci created in his collection, I chose to wear a fuchsia colored blouse that had a bit of a flow to it and I paired it with a pair of white jeggings. This gave me a chance to wear my new wedges that I just bought from Charlotte Russe. (Can you believe I got them on sale for 10 dollars?!).

When it came to accessorizing this ensemble I just threw on a duo tone statement necklace and bracelet, along with a gold ring. In addition to pink, I also love gold, especially when it comes to accessories. Once everything was put together I got one result, a chic RAD outfit!

Get My Look: 1. Pink blouse. 2. White jeggings. 3. Pink wedges. 4. Duo tone necklace.