STYLE GURU STYLE: These Shoes Are Made For Walking

June 22nd, 2015 at 2:05am

Sneaker-chic is a trend that is for every girl who is sick of heels crunching her toes or having to use Band-Aids to protect her ankles.  Although it may seem as though this sneaker-chic trend began on the streets from working women wanting a comfortable shoe, it actually has been featured on the runways for a few years now.  Most recently Calvin Klein’s creative director Francisco Costa collaborated with Alice Lancaster, a designer who he found on Instagram, for the resort 2016 line. The collection was a combination of the current sporty trend with 1920s-inspired silhouettes. The outcome was midi skirts and sneakers to create the perfect balance of these two inspirations.

To recreate this look with my own twist I combined a modern street element with a longer skirt inspired from the ’20s silhouettes.  I found a striped bodycon skirt that matched the bold striped of the Calvin Klein collection. However, the tight elastic fabric made the look younger while still remaining easy and comfortable to walk in.

I paired my skirt with a ripped graphic tank top to create a daytime feel even though the skirt was tight. The graphic tee adds a quirky twist to the black and white color palette as well. Lastly, I added the most important detail: sneakers. White sneakers make the outfit feminine for summer while following the new sneaker-chic trend.

With this combination I was able to take the ’20s to the modern streets while staying comfortable as well as, true to my own style. All of these pieces separately will remain in style long after this trend due to their simple patterns and shapes.

Get My Look: 1. Long Bodycon Skirt. 2. Comfortable Graphic T-shirt. 3. White Sneakers.