STYLE GURU STYLE: There's Power In Being Neutral

The spring 2015 ready-to-wear line by Lanvin is phenomenal. The color palette, which primarily consists of black, white, gray and nude, forced me to re-evaluate how neutrals can be as much a statement color as red, yellow or blue. Aside from some of the maxi style dresses in the collection, most of the pieces featured a statement neutral color that was accentuated by either another neutral color or a subdued shade of red, gold, plum or blue. The colors were further enhanced by Lanvin’s use of textures like fishnet and chiffon. My outfits always have neutral pieces in them, but I tend to try to make powerful statements with my outfits by wearing a colorful top or accessory. Lanvin is clearly telling us that it is okay, perhaps even necessary, to ditch color. Who knew pairing a neutral with a neutral could be bold, sexy and powerful!

Praying that I would look half as fierce as the neutral-clad Lanvin models, I decided to put together a colorless ensemble. I paired my black tuxedo shorts with a white T-shirt and a glacier gray blazer. I then added a leather bag with a gold necklace and bracelet for a bit of texture. Usually I would assume that a gray blazer would make an ensemble like this appear too “blah,” but the lack of color allows the cut of the jacket and other details in this outfit stand out.

This collection has taught me that neutrals can stand alone and be just as fashionable and daring as a color. It took just as much courage for me to rock this neutral piece as it would for me to wear a color-blocked outfit. I love how Lanvin took the challenge of creating a powerful and bold line based on neutrals. I love myself for stepping out of my color addiction by neutralizing my style choices. I challenge all you Fashionistas/os to do the same!

Get My Look: 1. Fitted blazer. 2. Tuxedo shorts. 3. A leather bag with gold detailing.