STYLE GURU STYLE: There's No Place Like Home

Gingham: there is no question that Dorothy wore it best. As we all head home for our summer holidays, we can relax our cutting edge ensembles and hipster aesthetics for something a little softer. Finding an outfit that suits the person you’ve become over the past year but still manages to incorporate who you’ve been is probably the biggest challenge for that first morning back. How do you wear your heart on your sleeve and in style?

Making a smashing return to spring 2015 runways, most notably Altuzarra, the nostalgic trend is a nod to some of fashion history greats. Feminine, retro and at once all-American wholesome while also being reminiscent of Southern French beaches, gingham is a staple for all closets this year.

Whether you’re channeling your inner Judy Garland or Bridget Bardot, allow the ’50s vibes inherent in this picnic blanket pattern to influence your outfit. High-waisted, flared skirts, simple jewelry and kitschy accessories will definitely help you turn heads. A year can change a lot, but it won’t erase your past, and what better way to show who you’ve become than to acknowledge and embrace who you’ve been?

This summer, I have made gingham my own with a short, pink dress and sky high wedges. Flirty, fun but unmistakably retro, I couldn’t leave home (and this time, I really mean home) without a little Audrey on my shoulder. I demonstrated my clear love for all things vintage, but I also allowed for modern twists that made it not just distinct but decidedly me. Sometimes, there really is no place like home, sans the ruby red slippers of course.

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