STYLE GURU STYLE: The Winter Blues

While I’m the first to admit that I love a good all-black outfit, sometimes I get tired of looking like a bored Parisian. I cannot lie—that is a rare occurrence. But when it does actually happen, I am left staring at my closet in a mixture of confusion and desperation. The ensembles that result from my bewilderment are typically not something I am proud of, as more often than not I end up looking like I just threw on everything in my closet and called it an outfit. Thankfully, I usually realize the error of my ways before I venture out into public. When that happens, I turn to the runways for inspiration on how to dress like a normal person. This week, the Band of Outsiders pre-fall collection was my go-to source.

With the dreariness of winter in full force, I’ve been in serious need of color in my life. The Band of Outsiders’ collection was the perfect antidote to my problem, with a sweet mixture of baby blues and soft yellows dominating the color scheme. But though pastels were certainly prevalent, the clothing was anything but dainty. The show was a combination of flirty and preppy, with tailored pieces that added edge to the otherwise light collection.

Taking a cue from the many dimensions of the Band of Outsiders collection, I chose a wide variety of styles for my outfit. My black and white blouse set the stage with its strong lines and preppy style, and contrasted perfectly with the soft, laid back look of my baby blue cardigan. Boyfriend jeans kept the outfit casual, while my open-toe booties added some much-needed flair. A giant scarf brought the look from fall to winter, and ensured that my skin didn’t start to match the color of my sweater.

For all of you Fashionistas stuck in a rut, the Band of Outsiders collection is the perfect way out. With dreamy pastels and a flawless mixture of styles, there could not be a better solution to the wardrobe woes of winter. So if you’re tired of black clothes and cold weather, don’t just throw on everything in your closet and call it a day. Instead, take a few notes from Scott Sternberg and find some pretty colors and a contrasting mixture of styles. You’ll start to feel as bright as you look, until the only winter blues left will be on your sweater.

Get My Look: 1. A baby blue cardigan. 2. Boyfriend jeans. 3. A preppy blouse. 4. Booties.