STYLE GURU STYLE: The Wild Wild '70s

There is nothing more fitting for these warm summer months than a throwback tribute to the ’70s, with a subtle Western vibes. This is exemplified perfectly in the Gucci spring/summer 2015 collection. The line features multiple examples of wild patterns, suede garments, bandana neckties and denim outfitting.

Nothing represents the balance of Western and ’70s vibes more than a denim on denim ensemble. Though this trend was first coined by the cowboys and the hippies, it can be easily polished into a modern day look. It has been spotted on the runway and celebrity street style, making me think that twice the denim is twice as good.

It can be difficult to wear a full denim ensemble without looking like you’re drowning in a sea of blue. When pulling off this look it is important to remember a few key components that will help give this trend a seamless transition to your wardrobe. Looks 31 and 32 of the Gucci line give perfect examples of how to pull off a full denim ensemble. The easiest way to come off as polished rather than frumpy, is to break up your outfit with different hues of blue. This will give you a more dynamic complex look, it also helps to have a tucked in top to give your figure more shape. However, if your denim garments look the same, you can always break up the repetitive pieces by showcasing a pop of color with a red handbag.

This summer, let’s hit the streets in this chic and polished denim look and give new life to this long lived trend.

Get My Look: 1. Start with your favorite pair of denim pants. 2. Pick a chambray top of a different shade. 3. Add some jewelry to help break up the pieces.