STYLE GURU STYLE: The White Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts, crop tops and sandals are classic trends for summertime looks, especially when they’re combined into one fabulous look! It is not rare to see me in a black crop and this white maxi dress, but there was a slight deviation from my usual look that was inspired by the Sea spring resort 2016 collection. In this collection, the first thing I noticed was the movement created by a boxy top and the flowing, wide-leg set pants. In most of the collection’s looks, the model is also wearing sandals, which add a particular summer edge to the outfits. My outfit shows how one can successfully have a summer look with a lack of color.

In Look 13, the model is wearing a black, boxy, sleeveless oxford shirt and cropped white wide-leg pants with a pair of black sandals. This look inspired the Birkenstock-inspired sandals I choose. Rather than a classic flat sandal, this sandal adds a more causal and edgier feel to the outfit. White bottoms are a notorious summer trend, which is why the white on the bottom half of my outfit is such a crucial element of the look. Finally, the black top perfectly contrasts the white of the skirt.

However, I did add a few accessories of my own to spice up this look: orange lipstick, feather earrings and a snakeskin satchel. The orange lipstick draws attention to the face, along with a splash of color to an otherwise colorless look. The length of the brown, feather earrings also adds shape to the face. Lastly, the way the slouchy bag sits on the shoulder fosters an element of movement.

Get My Look: 1. A boxy black crop top. 2. A white maxi skirt. 3. A Birkenstock-inspired sandal. 4. Slouchy large bag.