STYLE GURU STYLE: The Variety Show

Comme des Garçons has always been a signature of the classy Franco-Japanese style. It’s classy combination of neutral color blocking along with cartoon like graphics and unique patterns give the brand a distinct look. Probably its most recognizable brand staple, is the painted on looking heart with almond eyes peeking out.  With items that range from their Play collection to their Shirt collection, you can never really go wrong. Their styles are always up to date and suave as portrayed in their 2016 spring menswear collection.

Throughout the entire fashion show, two overarching aesthetics that are seen are the frequent contrast of materials and patterns on a single article of clothing and the frequent use of neutral tones such as navy, black, forest green and etc. Rei Kawakubo’s idea of altering the pattern, color or material on the sleeves of a top with respect to that of the body’s is ingenious because it adds flare and another dimension to an entire outfit, increasing the garment’s versatility. As for the frequent use of neutral tones, it’s a classic idea, but never grows old because all neutral shades of color are easily compatible with one another. Almost every top and bottom worn in his fashion show can be mixed and matched with one another. Another aspect to notice is how all of his models wore a pair of white Chuck Taylor Converse: classic sneaker in a clean color that will always withstand the tests of time because of its versatile silhouette.

I incorporate these aspects of Comme des Garçons by opting for a well worn in white long-sleeve oxford shirt that has its traditional sleeves switched out with a gray T-shit type material. This is a great example of the contrast of materials used for one garment as executed by Kawakubo. As for the bottoms, above-the-knee navy shorts serve the purpose of complementing the lower body while adding another dimension of color at the same time. This can be done with any shorts of a neutral or earthy tone. Lastly, the tumbled white leather Converse Jack Purcell’s tie the whole outfit together by reiterating the white base of the outfit and adding a classic touch. Any white sneakers that are trademark classics in the fashion world will really complete the look: Nike Air Max 1, adidas Stan Smith, adidas Superstar, New Balance 574, etc.

The great thing about an outfit like this is that each individual piece is so versatile that they can be used to complete other outfits. This inventive idea of mixing different patterns and textures for one piece of clothing is comfortable as well as stylish. Also, these colors will always be in style, and the contrast of patterns, textures and colors will retain their aesthetic look.

Get My Look: 1. A top that uses different colors, designs, or textures in relation to the body and the sleeves. 2. A neutral colored pair of shorts.  3. A pair of classic all-white sneakers.