STYLE GURU STYLE: The T-shirt Dress

We all love something that can easily be thrown on without so much as a final lip-gloss-check glance in the mirror. You want a piece that is casual yet cute, simple yet refined. Well look no further than the T-shirt dress. As of late, I have absolutely fallen in love with this infallible trend. And trust me, it won’t let you down either. The amazing thing about the T-shirt dress is that it is not only a fabulous staple piece, but it can be worn for nearly any occasion. It can be dolled up with accessories or kept plain and simple for a laid back afternoon. This piece comes in a variety of prints and styles, as seen in Moschino’s 2016 resort wear collection, able to find refuge in any Fashionista’s closet no matter her aesthetic. This piece is truly a blank canvas, allowing its wearer to be the Picasso in creating a stylistic masterpiece.

With the scorching summer heat, breathable, loose-fitting clothing is ideal. Following the lead of Moschino’s collection, I donned my own version of the T-shirt dress. This simple V-neck dress comes in a brilliant seafoam green color, adding a bit of flair to the otherwise minimalistic garment. The dress is so soft and I could easily live in it all day. I wanted to give some dynamism to the look by adding an ombré-colored chambray shirt over the dress. This overlay creates a pleasing contrast, but the look is still effortless with or without this addition. The combination of hues creates a cool oceanic feel to the ensemble, mirroring splashes of paint adjacent in an artist’s palette.

Keeping with the one piece trend, I wore a three-tiered necklace for garnish. This gold and stone necklace adds to the bohemian vibe of the look, as do the brown combat boots that were initially acquired from a garage sale!

The T-shirt dress is so versatile that you can create many different looks from it. Don’t be afraid to pair it with a daring piece of jewelry, a funky handbag or vintage shoe.

Get My Look: 1. A T-shirt dress. 2. An ombré-colored chambray shirt. 3. A three-tiered necklace.