STYLE GURU STYLE: The Stuff Movies Are Made Of

Recently I’ve become intrigued by Alexander McQueen’s 2015 ready-to-wear show. The whole show is a combination of Japanese fashion, cocktail evenings and robots. Now, of course, these all sound like great things to add into a movie, but I’m appreciating that they’ve been narrowed down into a singular fashion show. I’ll explain what I mean. The flowers and cut of each outfit have a very oriental feel to them. The show transitions from these black and pink feminine cocktail dresses into cooler colors of white, gray and black. All the while the models are wearing headpieces that give each of the looks an overall android feel. Almost like something a robot could wear.

The looks that mainly stood out to me were those at the beginning with the pastel pink flowers and the black bases. I decided to create a combination of this color and flower theme in my own look. I wore some pink and black bleached pants from Maison Scotch. I love the illusion of the washed out texture they create. To get some more of that solid base in my look, I added a black knit sweater with some floral trim at the bottom. I also added fun ‘60s themed flower power glasses to brighten up the look for the summer. I was also really inspired to shoot around these flowers outside a house I thought totally went with the floral layers on many of the pastel pink skirts. Finally, I chose some pointed toe flats because I think it keeps with the definition of the outfit. One thing I noticed in this show was that each look had a lot of structure to it. There were many defined shoulder pieces as well as bold rectangle cuts that could form one of the jackets or even the whole length of an outfit.

Get My Look: 1. A pair of bleached jeans. 2. Fun ’60s glasses. 3. Knitted sweater.