STYLE GURU STYLE: The Sneaker Collection

As crazy as it may sound, sneakers are becoming more and more popular on the runways during fashion week. In the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection, the brand had a variety of unique tennis shoes paired with the graphic printed and militant-inspired outfits. Marc by Marc Jacobs is a brand that I’ve adored since the beginning because of its playfulness and ability to set trends for young fashion lovers. Its colorful, outerspace-like sneakers inspired me to invest in some runway-worthy kicks of my own.

Some days I love dressing in all pink, heels and pretty dresses, but my style tends to be fairly laid back most of the time. During these most recent days, while trying to run from the cold as fast as I can, I prefer to wear sneakers to school. While surfing the internet for new pairs to add to my collection (yes, I probably should have been studying), I stumbled upon a pair of Reebok Classics that were released as a limited edition sneaker in collaboration with accessories designer Melody Ehsani.

I personally love the Melody Ehsani brand, and I love even more that the designer had a genuine inspiration for the collaboration. She described the sneakers as being audacious and unapologetic in their boldness, similar to many women she admires. The sneakers also represent the beauty and danger with the python print and added-on eye accessory, which can also be removed and worn as jewelry.

I look forward to styling these sneakers in different ways, and already tried it out with my go-to crewneck from Dimepiece. I layered this crewneck with a loose-fitting acid-wash denim jacket that I usually never choose to wear, but for some reason it felt perfect with this look.

Translating the way Marc by Marc Jacobs styles sneakers to a style of my own was a pretty easy task for me. The new fashion philosophy that we can, in fact, still look fashionable in a pair of sneakers is the greatest one to reach us college fashion enthusiasts yet. Now we are free to keep our style cool, comfortable and collected.

Get My Look: 1. A unique pair of Reebok Classics. 2. A crewneck from your favorite streetwear brand. 3. An acid-wash denim jacket.