STYLE GURU STYLE: The Purrfect Statement

Hopefully the “cat trend” is still a thing or else today’s outfit is going to make me seem a little weird. Regardless, I hate to admit but I am actually a huge cat fan. Leopard print is one of my favorite ways to spice up an outfit. Whether I’m carrying a leopard print clutch or wearing a leopard print scarf, I’m always looking for other ways to incorporate the fun print into my look. Leopard can easily turn an outfit into a tacky look and that’s why I have chosen to wear it in moderation.

Inspired by Christian Dior’s 2015 ready-to-wear collection, today’s outfit features plenty of black and white and statement shoes. Almost each look within the collection showcases minimalistic black and white pieces that are complimented by vibrant heels. Despite the typical flashy image of fashion, Christian Dior chose the basic but chic route of fashion. The line focuses less on fine details and more on the silhouette of each top and bottom. The ensembles are simplistic and comfortable which is exactly how I envisioned myself in today’s look.

I tried to recreate Christian Dior’s line through my choice of colors and simple cut clothing. Similar to pants in Dior’s collection, I’m wearing basic black skinny jeans with a white T-shirt. When searching through my closet to find a piece to layer with I stuck with a black leather jacket. Though the leather jacket created a more interesting look, I decided to add more of my own touch by throwing on a top hat with cat ears. To continue the cat look I couldn’t resist pairing it with my leopard booties to make a statement. So maybe the final results don’t exactly match up with Christian Dior’s collection, but let’s just say I was inspired by Christian Dior’s line that was thrown at with a cat curveball.

Get My Look: 1. Cat hat 2. White T-shirt. 3. Leopard booties.