Practicality in clothes doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion. The brand, 6397 balances practicality and fashion perfectly in their 2017 resort collection. They go for simple tees, layers, jeans and casual shoes, such as high-tops.

This brand is often overlooked. Their style is more casual than the other designers in the resort season. It’s no Alexander McQueen, that’s for sure. A lot of their collection is basic items but with an oversized, dramatized look to it. Fitted is overrated. It’s a stylish look to give an illusion, it’s not lazy. One critic called this collection “slouchy insouciance” which perfectly describes it.

Overall, the collection is effortless, and very realistic. Everything from the natural hair and makeup to the simplicity of the clothes shows that you don’t need 10 inch heels and an over dramatic collar for it to be runway fashion. I appreciate that so much!

I really like the simplicity of 6397’s collection. I can easily translate the trends in their collection into my personal wardrobe. I took the basis of their outfits and made it a little brighter with a white tee and brighter blue, cutoff jeans. Day to day, I keep my hair and makeup natural and simple already just like the 6397 resort collection.

To make it my own, I threw on one of my favorite pieces right now. I would consider it a staple in my closet. It’s a long, cape-like gray cardigan. I wear it with anything, shorts and a tank top at a bonfire or with a dress in the cold office at my internship. It gives a little extra edge, yet it’s simple; just like 6397’s collection. Also, I threw on my black, perforated leather slip-on’s and a crossbody bag. Nothing too fancy. Anyone can do it!

Get My Look: 1. Jeans 2. Shirt 3. Cardigan 4. Shoes 5. Bag