STYLE GURU STYLE: The Other Closet

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Other Closet

Androgyny in fashion is often both metaphorically and literally freeing. Metaphorically, we are crossing borders that society tells us not to cross; literally, we are allowing ourselves to wear clothes that let us move and breath. During the roaring ’20s, Coco Chanel designed androgynous womenswear for this very reason. Today in 2016, it is far from unusual to find girls wearing suits or boys wearing skirts, especially on the runway.

While the concept of androgyny reminds us that borders still do exist, I will always appreciate the trend for the progression it symbolizes. Which is why I was immediately inspired when I saw Acne Studios’ spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, filled to the brim with oversized, angular suit jackets doubling as mini dresses. To me, the untailored suit in this collection epitomizes making something “not yours” become yours. It’s an opportunity to try wearing something that you’ve never worn before. I had never worn an oversized suit before, so I turned to the closet of nearest person who has: my dad.

I found a dark brown blazer that fell below my hip and rolled up the sleeves to make it more casual. Underneath, I wore a pair of black, high-waisted shorts that were short enough to be hidden. The collection also featured a halter bralette shape with a silver buckle around the neck. To replicate it, I wore a strappy harness over a plain white shirt. I noticed some of the models had oddly-shaped sunglasses and matched with my own pair.

I’ve long been a supporter of diving into other wardrobes and experimenting (with permission, of course). If you haven’t tried it before, now is definitely the time to cross those closet boundaries. After all, what’s summer without some adventure?

Get My Look: 1. An oversized suit jacket (either borrowed or purchased). 2. High-waisted shorts. 3. Harness for accessorizing (optional).