STYLE GURU STYLE: The One-Piece Wonder

Bodysuits are all the talk recently, and I cannot agree more with the positive things that are being said. They have recently come back into style and for that I am ecstatic because there are so many amazing things about them. What is so great about bodysuits is that there is so much to choose from in terms of colors, styles and patterns which is great for a wide range of preferences and occasions. What I love most about bodysuits is that they can be paired with almost anything to create a chic, fashionable look.

When trying to put together a perfect look while using a bodysuit, I took inspiration from the Balmain resort 2016 runway show. Balmain does an incredible job incorporating bodysuits into its looks. The bodysuits designed by Balmain are very simple but elegant and are often paired with skirts. Keeping the use of the skirt by Balmain in mind, I paired my bodysuit with an orange suede button-up skirt. The Balmain bodysuits were paired with chunky necklaces to make a statement which inspired me to add a simple necklace to the detail of the V-neck.

Looking at my outfit in-depth, I paired my favorite black lace-up sandals from Express with my black bodysuit and my orange high-waisted skirt from Abercrombie & Fitch to add a pop of color. To top of my look, I accessorized with my all-time favorite tote bag from Nordstrom and added a simple statement with my gold bar necklace to go along with my gold bracelet.

Get My Look: 1. Lace-up shoes. 2. Bodysuit. 3. High-waisted skirt. 4. Tote bag.