STYLE GURU STYLE: The Notorious B.I.G.

Today I wanted to keep things super comfortable. Like most of us, I’m overloaded with school work and realistically it is difficult to worry about college, extracurricular activities, social life and fashion! However, fashion shouldn’t have to suffer just because you’re busy. So, this is a perfect outfit to throw on when you are busy but still want to be bomb.

I was inspired by the DKNY fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection. Look 21 was my favorite because it showcased a black sweater with a graphic “D” on the front. It was paired with some cool leather pants and a black snapback. This menswear-inspired look could easily be worn on the street, and it keeps things casual and cool while being simple enough that one could put it together in very little time. 

For this simple look, I picked this super comfortable crewneck with, of course, The Notorious B.I.G. on it. Crewnecks are perfect because for one, they are comfortable and if you’re like me, they make you feel “at home.” My favorite thing about this hoodie, however, is the metallic crown on it. It catches one’s eye just enough to look but isn’t overwhelming.

I wanted to layer underneath my hoodie because it is chilly out and layering is key for this kind of weather, so I wore a long white T-shirt. Of course, it is your preference to let the shirt show or tuck it in—I personally like the fact that the shirt shows because it adds to the casual, slouchy look. Also, if you’re one to get cold quickly, don’t be afraid to layer more than just a T-shirt under your hoodie. If need be, I would actually layer up to three layers under the hoodie to keep warm especially since the layers aren’t even being seen.

Lastly, I threw on one of my comfortable pairs of oversized jeans. They are super old and worn in but that’s why I love them and can’t throw them away!

To dress up the outfit just a tad, I added some suede kitten heels. Kitten heels like these are really nice to walk in because the heel is so short and like I’ve described many things in this article, they are super comfortable. I can’t lie, comfort is key!

Get My Look: 1. Biggie T-shirt because the crewneck is sold out. 2. Light-washed boyfriend jeans. 3. Tan suede kitten heels.