STYLE GURU STYLE: The (Not So) Basics

This past fall and winter, I practically lived in a turtleneck and knit sweater combination (picture a more fashion-forward take on Kristy Thomas’ get-up in The Baby-Sitters Club). This trend provided not only additional warmth, but also a new way to wear the basic pieces of my closet. Though the weather no longer calls heavy knits, I’ve managed to find practical ways to layer in the summer.

Inspired by the Alexander Wang resort 2016 line, I decided to revamp a casual little black dress by adding an elegant tank top to the ensemble. The reconstruction of basic wardrobe essentials is present throughout Wang’s collection. The combination of sophisticated and casual styles gives these classic looks a dressed-down edge, from loose-fitted suit pieces to a pleated T-shirt dress. Each look can easily go from the runway to the streets, an effect that Wang intended.

To replicate the collection’s casual-chic vibe, I paired a ballet top with a fitted skirt to create the illusion of a bodycon dress, and layered a silk tank top from Zara. The black lace trim of the tank top contrasts with the solid color of the matching pair, which works well because of the combination of textures. For more of a going-out look, I chose a bold matte lipstick by NARS and a pair of solid black heeled booties.

Although the classic LBD will always be effortlessly chic, there are endless possibilities to take it to the next level. I tend to shop for a lot of minimalist pieces, so I’m always looking for different ways to wear them and make them my own. To incorporate this trend in your everyday look, try mixing your dressier pieces with your favorite simple pieces. Finding new ways to layer on your summer essentials is a great way to reconstruct your wardrobe in time for the warm weather.

Get My Look: 1. A simple, fitted little black dress. 2. A dressy tank top. 3. Black heeled booties.