STYLE GURU STYLE: The New Jean Movement

What existed before the skinny jean? Not many of us remember due to the fact that the skinny jean has taken over the legs of every female and male in fashion for the past decade. However, before the skinny jean there was a large variety of jeans including the boot cut and bell bottom jeans. Most of these bring back memories of our parent’s teenage pictures or even That ’70s Show. However, the new jean taking over the world is the incredibly comfortable and relaxed boyfriend jean.

Recently on the runway for spring 2015, Dsquared2 came out with a line made entirely of slouchy trousers and yes, you have guessed it, boyfriend jeans. These statement pants were combined with mostly boxy white crop tops or tight bandeaus. With the edition of beautiful and colorful lace-up heels, the looks felt like anyone could wear it right off the runway.

The best part about the look, besides the comfort, is that it is so easy to dress it up or dress it down. It all depends on how you accessorize it. To mimic this runway line I paired together a pair of my own boyfriend jeans with a white cotton crop top. Making your shirt meet right at the waist of your pants or showing a little midriff is a good way to make the slouchy pants keep your feminine shape.

To add my own style, I grabbed my favorite leather jacket and a boho statement necklace. Lastly, I grabbed a pair of pointy toe heels and a nude purse to create the perfect young and edgy ensemble even with my destroyed and oversized pants.

It is important to focus on your accessories when wearing your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. The look should seem effortless no matter what, but it can look more formal or much more casual depending on your choice of heels vs. sandals, a blazer vs. a worn coat, or an oversized purse vs. a simple cross-body bag.

Get My Look: 1. Boyfriend jeans. 2. A comfortable T-shirt. 3. Pointy heels.