STYLE GURU STYLE: The Minimal Maxi Dress

While summer is my favorite time of the year, there is no denying that it can also be the most uncomfortable. It is almost too hot to function and especially with humidity, fashion is the first thing to get pushed to the side. To be honest, if I know the day is going to be scorching, all I feel like wearing is a thin sheet and hope I pass some toga parties on the way. Obviously, this is not acceptable, and nothing ruins the fun of getting ready in the morning more than realizing you have nothing cute and comfortable to wear on such a hot day. With far too many mornings like this under my belt, I started to brainstorm. All I wanted was a flowy dress that can make a statement without overheating me.

The alice + olivia runway has been immortalized for years and serves as one of the most relatable and inspiring lines to this day. It is not often that I see an outfit on the runway that I would wear myself, but it happens all the time with alice + olivia. The resort 2016 runway show was inspired by standout prints and maxi dresses that never quit. The designers managed to create fabrics and prints that make a statement without overwhelming the body. The fabrics are thin while the patterns are thick. This is what I began to look for in my maxi dress shopping, and I found quite the keeper.

This AQUA maxi dress layers in all the right areas and flows just the right amount, making me feel like a summer queen on the hottest days. You would think that with the extra fabric on a maxi dress, it would be easy to overheat. However, I wore this gem to the beach and felt like all I was wearing were the waves and the sunshine. I especially love that I don’t need to throw away my sense of style when the weather changes because this dress lets me do it all. The bright color and king cobra print of the dress grabs your eye and the contrasting addition of the neckline keeps them there. Because I was at the beach, I threw on some basic sandals and matched my eye shadow just for the fun of it.

Get My Look: 1. Eye-catching maxi dress. 2. Basic sandals. 3. A statement piece of jewelry.