STYLE GURU STYLE: The Mark of a Minimalist

A major trend this year is minimalism. The idea behind minimalism is stylish simplicity; using monochromatic color schemes and simple silhouettes to create a chic look. This can be seen in Gloria Coelho’s spring 2015 collection. The collection uses classic silhouettes with A-line dresses, tailored jackets and formfitting ensembles. Her collection is edgy while keeping with the minimalist theme. Some ensembles are multicolored while others are simply white or black.

It was relatively easy to create an outfit inspired by Gloria Coelho’s collection. I took a simple black crop top and paired it with a form fitting black midi skirt with a dramatic slit going up the right side. I added a pair of white platform Converse shoes to give the outfit a pop of color. The white shoes pop against the all-black outfit. I didn’t add any jewelry to the outfit, except for simple stud earrings, because I wanted to keep it as minimalist as possible. I did, however, add a pair of black oval framed Ray-Ban sunglasses. The only accessory was completely functional and did not take way from the overall minimalist look.

Minimalist style is taking over. You can see it anywhere from the streets to the runway and there is a reason for that. It’s a clean look with beautiful silhouettes and easy to adapt ensembles. This trend is simple, chic, and stylish. The three things you always want to be.

Get My Look: 1. A black crop top. 2. A black midi skirt. 3. Your favorite pair of Converse sneakers.