STYLE GURU STYLE: The Madewell Look

This summer, I’ve been fortunate enough to have landed a job at Madewell in downtown Chicago. Madewell, for those that don’t know, is a sister store of J.Crew, but it has an edgier vibe and has a more effortless aesthetic. Although both of the stores vary and have different appeals, they still have some similar staple pieces and ideas. When planning my outfits, I channel a lot of my inspiration from fashion shows and bloggers I see online. So what better place to look for ideas than the J.Crew’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection? This collection is full of pops of color, layering and a variety of cuts and shapes which are beyond intriguing. These qualities can be incorporated into both my looks for work and on the street.

My look changes day-to-day, solely depending on my mood. It could range from an edgy tomboy to bohemian-chic, to sometimes even a more preppy look; other days I decide to combine all three for an interesting mix. Regardless as to which aesthetic I’m channeling, I always choose to wear the best denim possible. I can honestly say I’ve never worn Madewell jeans before working there, but now I can’t imagine owning any other kind of pants. They’re so flattering on every shape and have such impeccable detailing. The jeans will never bag out, nor will they gain an unflattering stretch. Having a great pair of denim on can really change the mood of any outfit and can totally change your day around.

I opted to pair my favorite skinny jeans with an open and shoulder bearing top. The sleeves are normally capped right on the shoulders, but I pulled them down for a slightly more vintage look. White tops are my favorite in the summer because they make your sun kissed skin look 10/10.

To keep the look simple, I chose to minimize the adornment and stay neutral. I added the two true summer essentials: a tote bag and sunglasses. My Steve Madden flats are also perfect for summertime because they’re practical and comfortable to walk around in. Keep an eye out for the perfect summer staple pieces and incorporate them into your wardrobe as much as you can this year!

Get My Look: 1. An English saddle colored tote bag. 2. A great pair of denim. 3. The perfect white top.