STYLE GURU STYLE: The Lengths We Go To For Fashion

I remember the days when wearing skirts and dresses as short as possible was the stylish and cool thing to do. As long as your butt wasn’t visible, you were good to go. Teachers would eye you at school with a look of disdain, and your mother would constantly question your integrity when you walked out of the house with your lower half barely covered. So when the midi length dress became trendy, I’m almost positive my mother did some version of a victory lap.

I was inspired by the Balenciaga spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which showcases plenty of these trendy midi length dresses and skirts, like the dress in look 32. Midi dresses are wonderful because they can be as sexy as any of the shortest dresses you can find, yet they don’t sacrifice that aspect of sophistication. The Balenciaga collection also featured minimalist colors, which I very much appreciated because my own personal wardrobe basically consists of only black, white, beige and the occasional splash of color in the form of army green. Also, I really enjoyed the various mesh overlays that were incorporated into some of the pieces such as in look 11.

To create a look that reflected the cool and edgy yet sophisticated elements of this collection, I started with a knee length clingy knit dress in the color black, of course! An interesting part of the dress is the cutout near the lower back, which adds a sexier component to the look. I incorporated the mesh fabrics that are used in some of the pieces in the collection into my shoes which are a pair of black sandals with a unique netted pattern and a chunky wooden heel.  For accessories, I went with a floppy black hat and a silver statement necklace to add a pop to the otherwise simple black dress.

So here’s proof that you don’t have to go for the shortest length possible to look fashionable or mature. I definitely recommend investing in a fitted midi dress because there are so many ways to style it for different events. For a business affair, you can go with a blazer and some pumps, or for a night out, you can easily change into a sexy pair of heels and some flashy dangly earrings. But whatever you choose, you can always guarantee that your look will be both exciting and also sophisticated.

Get My Look: 1. A black dress. 2. Black chunky heeled sandals. 3. A statement necklace.