STYLE GURU STYLE: The Layered Life

Can’t decide which of your favorite pieces to wear? How about all of them. Everyone knows that layering is a winter essential, but what some don’t know is that this rule applies to accessories as well. Josie Natori‘s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection features layers upon layers of clothing, scarves and jewelry in every look. I often find myself torn between two different necklaces and a scarf when putting together an outfit, but never before had it occurred to me that it would be a possibility to sport them all at once.

My look this week started with some layering of the traditional kind. I dressed up my cozy animal print sweatshirt with a collared chambray shirt that peeked out from underneath. My black pants and white Converse high top sneakers seemed like the obvious compliments for this combination, but when it came to accessorizing I was slightly stumped.

Eventually I decided that I wanted to rock a statement necklace with the frock, but could not decide which one for the life of me. Lucky for me, I remembered the styles featured in Natori’s collection and realized that I didn’t have to decide. I picked three necklaces of different thicknesses, colors, styles and lengths. Believe it or not, they worked together; the secret to layering necklaces is to avoid overlapping. Bracelets on the other hand, go wild! There’s pretty much no rules when it comes to layering bracelets, except to make sure that you’re balancing the ratios of color or size.

Next time you find yourself in an accessory decision dilemma, worry no more. Simply think for a second about size, length, style and color and and go to town. As demonstrated in Natori’s collection, this tactic applies to mixing accessories such as scarves with jewelry as well.

Get My Look: 1. Necklace of different lengths, they even come in pre-styled sets! 2. A combination of different colors and styles of bangles. 3. A pair of white high-top sneakers.