During my fashion class last quarter, I found heaps of research about the comeback kid known as jeans. Jeans are on the rise, especially in light washes. A great example of a brand that featured jeans in their resort 2015 collection was Rebecca Minkoff. Whether she incorporated jean in a jacket, a pair of overalls or a denim skirt, Minkoff proved that denim is the perfect fabric to looking laid back and cool. One of my favorite jean pieces has to be the motorcycle jacket she created for look eight.

For me, jeans are a timeless piece that will never go away. This classic pant comes in so many different fits that it is easy to dress up or dress down. Not only are denim pants comfortable, but they are also simple to style. Denim, as you already know, is no longer limited to pants. Brands have come out with great jackets, bags, shoes… the list is endless! Add any light wash denim item to your outfit, and you are instantly trendy. It is my go to look for getting ready for early morning classes. As far as hair and makeup goes, I like to keep things simple as well because I’m always going for that Beyonce “I woke up like this” look. I find that a topknot is an easy way to look chic in many of my jean outfits. It also hides the bed head. Whether or not you are in love with every jean trend that has emerged (lets not forget the Canadian Tuxedo also known as the jean on jean ensemble), you have to appreciate denim’s ability to withstand the test of time. During the cooler months, I am most comfortable in pants, so I make sure to build my outfits with that in mind. Try to find a jean item that is an easy starting point for you.

Get My Look: 1. This pair of high-waisted, black jeans 2. A light wash jean jacket with cuffed sleeves. 3. Some chunky heeled black booties.