Until recently I have always avoided the high-waisted pant because, well, I’m pretty short and I thought that it would only draw attention to my rather short torso. That was until I was scrolling through and came across Ulla Johnson’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. Like Johnson, I have traveled quite a bit and I enjoy style as much as I do comfort. I also walk the line between high fashion and a more relaxed bohemian look whenever possible, which is captured in this line.

After completing a textiles course last year, I have a new appreciation for textures, cuts and material. I always look to mix these whenever I can to add dimension to a look. I was able to incorporate the fringe that Johnson uses in many of her pieces into my shorts. I chose these shorts because of the organic cutouts and fringed hemlines. This fringe was intentional according to Johnson so that “customers can cut [the garments] to adjust their length as opposed to taking them to a tailor.”

In Johnson’s collection, she also included a beautiful maxi dress that had been hand-dyed abroad. My top, although a manufactured garment, has a hand-painted look that caught my eye. I love the bright and fun colors that were used in the design. I decided to incorporate a different color palette than Johnson to add more edge to the pieces. I love a clean white, black and blue as she had, but for a casual summer day with friends white, black and pops of color are always a good idea. I also intentionally chose the loose fit as Johnson had done in her collection for comfort. I also like the laid back look it gives.

Get My Look: 1. A loose graphic tank top. 2. Fitted high-waisted shorts. 3. Awesome sunnies.