It’s no surprise that so many college students love the high-waisted jeans trend. It makes your butt look good, helps your legs look miles long and it sucks in your stomach. What more could we really ask for? High-waisted bottoms have been worn throughout many decades in the 1900s and now they’re popular once again. This look by Altuzarra showcases high-waisted pants perfectly.

Styling high-waisted jeans can be easy if you pair it with the right proportions and the right silhouette for the top you choose to wear. Pairing the jeans with a crop top is often a good way to make the outfit work, but make sure the crop top isn’t too short or it could look awkwardly small. If choosing to pair the jeans with a flowy button down shirt, tucking it in always looks good but don’t use a top that’s too billowy otherwise you could risk looking like a balloon.

As for shoes, if you want to dress up the look pair it with some high heels or wedges to make your legs look even longer. If you’re trying to go for a more casual ensemble then try pairing the jeans with some folded over combat boots like I did or some Converse shoes. These trendy jeans can be super versatile whether you choose to wear them out on a dinner date, to class, or just running a few errands around town. Even when the weather warms up a bit, this trend is here to stay. High-waisted swimsuit bottoms, skirts and shorts have been spotted all over this past summer and I don’t think they’re going anywhere for a while.

Get My Look: 1. High-waisted jeans. 2. Bohemian inspired blouse.  3. Cute boots.