STYLE GURU STYLE: The Harlem Princess

A varsity jacket, fresh pair of Converse and a clean white dress are but only a few things you would find in the front of my closet. Combine them and you find the perfect combination between bohemian goddess and urban streetwear. While I usually stick to one style, I love finding new ways to combine all types of styles into one.

Taking inspiration from alice + oliva’s resort 2016 collection, I combined a classic white dress with some of my favorite streetwear. Although many colors were featured in the collection, I found that white seemed to be most featured. While trying to mimic this collection, I mindfully created the perfect hybrid between bohemian high fashion and urban streetwear. Every Fashionista has a different methodology of putting their own spice on popular trends or collections. My goal for this outfit was to mirror the collection while also integrating my own style and originality.

Oversized varsity jackets and crop tops are some of my favorite pieces. Streetwear has had a propensity of being underrepresented in the high end fashion world. Thankfully, I have seen a dramatic increase in these urban styles being represented at both runway shows as well as magazine such as Vogue. Thank who you want, but I think two of the masterminds behind this movement include but are definitely not limited to, Kanye West and Rihanna.

My outfit includes a rugged varsity jacket lightly hanging off of a white dress. I also added my favorite Converse and gold earrings to give the entire outfit a more polished look. All clothing was found at a local shop here in Indianapolis named Pattern.

Get My Look: 1. Varsity jacket. 2. White dress. 3. Red Converse.