STYLE GURU STYLE: The French Twist

STYLE GURU STYLE: The French Twist

Lets talk about one accessory trend we’re seeing over and over again, and we can not get enough of. DING DING DING! It’s the skinny scarf. On the runway and around the necks of your favorite celebrities, this simple piece can put a fresh spin on any outfit. Even though the skinny scarf is a classic from the ’70s-inspired styles, it’s surprisingly adaptable, working equally with more contemporary looks.

Designers this season were all about drawing attention to the neck. The warm seasons are using these trendy pieces just for setting the tone to your entire look. Emporio Armani’s ready-to-wear spring/summer 2016 collection, for example, featured a girly take on a city wardrobe with cool neckerchiefs of different colors and with different patterns on them.

With the purpose of  driving attention on my square silk scarf, I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple, I started with a button-down stripe cream shirt to accentuate my french twist paired with some flare denim jeans. I added a vintage black purse and mirrored sunglasses to complement my look. Working my way down to the shoes, I finished with some black matte ankle boots.

Traditional and indubitably gracious, square scarves are classy in silk and bring volume or a fashionable taste with a cleverly done knot. Keep up with this trend and you will be inspired by so many styles those small fabric pieces are able to bring about.

Get My Look: 1. Button-down stripe shirt. 2. Flare denim jeans. 3. Square silk scarf.