STYLE GURU STYLE: The Dark Side of Louis Vuitton

This year’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection from Louis Vuitton does not emphasize floral patterns and pastel colors that are normally associated with the season, and that’s what is so extraordinary about it. In fact, it calls for something else, something much darker. After viewing the runway pieces and coincidentally seeing the new Star Wars movie recently, I concluded one thing: it’s time to join the dark side.

This collection invites the idea of a moody, edgy spring that includes dark color palettes, leather staples, metallic patterns and space creature-inspired makeup. Most importantly, black is the color of power and foundation of the dark and eclectic outfits, which is something Kylo Ren would be proud of.

Mainly inspired by the minimalistic leather pieces and pops of color like red, black and white, I opted for a look that is casual, but unordinary, to channel my inner space rebel. In the collection, puffy and chiffon blouses are staples along with a leather jacket or vest on top. To achieve this look, I layered my maroon button-up chiffon blouse with an embellished zip-up leather jacket for the outfit’s dark statement piece. This gold feather necklace is one of my favorite accessories to mix gold and silver while also keeping the black motif found in the feathers.

The spring collection glorifies leather geometric color-blocked shorts and metallic skirts that could be seen on characters in a Star Wars film, so I chose a pleather black pleated skirt to do the job. The skirt is shiny and almost looks like armor. It also contrasts with my red blouse, which is exactly what dark side fashion calls for.

Throughout the collection, a common occurrence was patterns on accessories that were out of this world and resembled spaceship parts. The makeup on the models’ eyes were dark with unordinary eyeliner designs or plain dots, which is uncommon for everyday makeup styles. As a fan of these trends, I wore navy blue lipstick to complement my holographic cross-body bag that includes all the colors of the rainbow (or planets in this case). The handbag is especially interesting because it looks metallic but can match almost any outfit.

Lastly, the red oxfords and checkered black and white crew socks were a personal touch to tie in the colors of the blouse and vest. Black and white oxfords are found in this collection, but as a fan of color, the red ones were calling for me like the force of a light saber, and you must never deny the force.

The dark side of Louis Vuitton is truly inviting with the black leather ensembles and metallic details: a look that can complement any villain.

Get My Look:  1. Leather vest. 2. Metallic pleated skirt. 3. Blue lipstick. 4. Red blouse.