STYLE GURU STYLE: The Culotte Conundrum

July 9th, 2015 at 2:05am

For me, culottes have always been like juice cleanses—trendy and fashionable but not something that I would choose to indulge in. Due to my lack of mile-high pins (unlike the leggy models seen on our runways), culottes and full skirts have the tendency to emphasize my already sizable lower half, not a particularly desirable effect for any girl. However, after several seasons of experimentation with the culotte, designers are finally arriving at a platonic that adds volume without the unfortunate sag. This season, J.Crew has come up with these truncated trousers in a range of heavy-duty fabrics that are tailored enough for work but also casual enough for brunching on summer weekends. The newly structured garments may have just caused me to reconsider my culotte ban. 

This pair of heather gray culottes from Hong Kong-based label Giordano Ladies may have just done the trick. The culottes are designed in a flared way as to evoke fifties A-line skirt silhouettes and feminine sensibilities, but are structured enough not to add too much weight to the legs. Outsized garments such as these culottes need little extra embellishment. Pairing the flared trousers with a simple black tank top and a minimal wedge booties from Alexander Wang, all that was needed to complete the outfit was a statement necklace. This organic piece from COS made from metal coils has just enough fluidity to offset the structured nature of the outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Gray or white culottes 2. Form-fitting black tank top 3. Bold statement necklace