Ralph Lauren‘s pre-fall 2015 collection will inspire you to give yourself a monochromatic makeover. His use of a strict ivory and camel pallete gives this collection the feeling of sophistication and simplicity. Long camel coats, ivory cashmere sweaters, fringe jackets and long-legged camel pants are a few of the pieces featured in this line. My inspiration for this week’s post is brought to you by the color camel used in Lauren’s collection and his simple way of making it stand out.

You may have seen celebrities in magazines and models on the runway wearing coats or full outfits in the color camel. It wasn’t until I created a look of my own when I became obsessed with this color. Since it acts as a neutral color in my outfit, I am able to wear accessories that complement the color and add a little something extra to my look, like my scarf and belt. My personal style is mostly casual, so I translated Lauren’s collection in a casual way by wearing khakis, a camel colored long sleeve top, an infinity scarf, a corduroy jacket, sunglasses and a skinny belt. I added a strappy pair of nude heels to slightly dress up my casual look.

Black is always a popular option when choosing a monochromatic look, but camel is becoming popular as more runway collections are creating pieces of this color, and celebrities are wearing it. If you’re in the mood to go monochromatic, I suggest choosing a different palette and trying camel.

Get My Look: 1. A wool camel coat. 2. A pair of camel colored boots. 3. A pair of classic khaki pants.